tisdag 13 april 2010

Vad ska in? Sol och vind!

Sitter och nattskriver på avhandlingen. Har bland annat arbetat med följande esoteriska fotnot:

"The reference to the wind may be an attempt to invoke the image of YHWH as a powerful weather deity, which is, after all, quite prominent in the Book of Job. In that case, Job 37:21 would be an example of the storm and “blazing sun” metaphors coexisting and reinforcing each other. This image of the cleared up sky with its destroying sun is quite the opposite to the de Moor/Kutter interpretation of the Refrain of the Burning Sun. The wind has not brought any dust-color to the flaming sun but instead has made it blaze even more excruciatingly when it has cleared the clouds away. Note the use of the word šĕḥāqîm, which often seems to mean something like “clouds of dust” (see the use of the word to denote bits of dust in Isa 40:15)."

Ja, tänk vad man kan roa sig med.

2 kommentarer:

Wulfahariaz sa...

Så ni lundensare skriver på amerikanska?

Ola Wikander sa...

Boken skall troligen publiceras i en serie som ges ut i USAmerikat, så så måste det helt enkelt vara.